Life begins at 55

I found myself holding up the bar of Jakarta’s latest Moroccan restaurant el Wajh (their martinis are good, but they can’t make a mojito to save their lives) waiting for dearly beloved and our North American friends C and E. They were running late, or rather I was on time — a rather rare event in Jakarta.

Anyway, S had been doing a yogo class with C who is a yogo-instructor and she was showing S all the right moves when it comes to doing yogo when pregnant (also known as pogo, and the instructors are called pogo-ists). I was supposed to go to the class as well, but I figured as I was not pregnant, the class probably wasn’t right for me.
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Making amends

I’ve got a bit of flack in recent days for giving S a bit of a hard time in this little blog (the farting post pushed a few over the edge it seems…), so I thought I’d post a few pics of places where I’ve been the most in love ever!

I love you!

The Chef is back in the house

I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve whipped together a simply wicked Coq au vin courtesy of the Observer — I was given instructions by her roundness this morning to cook anything, so I did, and I must say it is simply magnifique.

This is all good as S has had another mega day, what with a full day of floods, sinking ferries and pending chaos in Timor Leste, so hopefully a hearty plate of chicken in red wine sauce will help make it all seem worthwhile.

The only problem is that normally when we have this dish, it is one bottle of red for the dish and another for us, but now, with S on a nine-month alcohol fast (also known as being pregnant) I’ve ended up with a spare half a bottle of wine — luckily I have to stay up till all hours to watch Australia play… 😉

Baby pics

So here is the latest ultrasound pic (somewhat belated — my apologies). I’ve kept it a tad blurry in an attempt to stop those in the know from figuring out is S or my visionary powers are stronger…

Baby pic

As you can see there’s a head (that’s reassuring) and various other bits — the doctor confirmed it was all there.

S said this was by far the best scan as Junior was having a little rave party in there, bouncing around all over the place and it was fascinating, almost hypnotising to be able to see it all happening live on Ultra-tv!

Finally on the way home

I spent my last morning in Chiang Mai doing a little bit of work and doing a little bit of wandering around, then off to the airport for the flight back to Bangkok, and a final night at the batcave before back to Jakarta.

The batcave (our apartment in Bangkok) is in an advanced state of decay — the block of land has been up for sale for some time and whoever buys it won’t need to spend much to demolish it — they’ll just need to lean against one of the walls pretty hard and it should just collapse.

I spend the evening at the Barbican Pub with W & A to old friends from Bangkok — and though they’re yet to have kids, they still had plenty of advice and anecdotal stories — some amusing, some horrifying — funny how as soon as someone is having kids there’s a whole new range of topics worth discussing.

The grass is always greener

I spent this morning looking at a few houses in Chiang Mai to give me an idea of how far our baht would go in Chiang Mai. It seems it would go about twice as far as in Bangkok, which is good. What wasn’t so good was that Chiang Mai isn’t quite as I’d romanticised it in my mind sitting in Jakarta traffic.

For one thing, it’s only when you leave the tropics that you realise just how tropical the tropics are.
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Arrival in Chiang Mai

I’ve had enough of this travel stuff — I want out now!

Up at 04:00 for a morning flight from Ko Samui to Bangkok, then home for an hour of running around, then back to the airport in almost Jakartian traffic then flight to Chiang Mai. By 20:00 I couldn’t even keep my eyes open, so this is another of my very short entries.

I’m in Chiang Mai to look at houses to see how far we can stretch out Baht to live here… but you never know, perhaps we’ll stay in Jakarta — I’ll report back tomorrow on how the house hunting went.

Home alone

Short entry today.

J, S and baby left early this morning (04:45 to be exact) and so I’m now officially home alone, with nothing to do for the next two weeks but look at hotels and wonder how big S’s belly is.

I started my day by watching Raiders of the Lost Ark which conveniently started at 5:00am which in itself indicates that S leaving is bad for productivity… still at least now I can finally get off Lamai Beach.

I’ve gotta get outa this place

We’re off tomorrow for a month-long trip to Thailand — mostly spent on Ko Samui. We’ve been there dozens of times, and while I’ll be working there, we’re planning a good deal of sitting-around-staring-at-belly time as well. Word is also out among friends in Bangkok, so we’re expecting a fair bit of baby-discussion time as well.

This trip couldn’t come soon enough. As I’ve hinted in the past I’m not a great fan of Jakarta — in fact I could honestly say I’d be excited about going to Bagdhad at this stage. I’ve been working on an update to a Jakarta travel guide which has been pretty droll, but with a rapidly approaching deadline, non-existent internet access (don’t you just hate it whe you call tech support and they lie), a non-functioning printer (moreso since I threw the printer cartridge across the room smashing it) and loads of work coming in from Travelfish researchers, I’m really looking forward to getting out of here and having a break.

So is S — we’ve got our fingers crossed that Soeharto, Mt Merupi and Timor Leste will all stay intact for another 24 hours.

Sacred cows make the best hamburger

I spent this afternoon climbing up and down, in and out and around and around Dad’s ship which has become pretty much a permanent attraction in Sembawang shipyard in Singapore — it recently set the record for number of dockings (that’s bad in case you were wondering). The ship originally carried bananas (I found that out when on the bridge I spied a lever labelled “Banana Loader”), then other refrigerated products and then was transformed into a live animal carrier.
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