Hospital horror stories

Tonight we had dinner with very good friend of S, S. I wish I hadn’t started all this initial only stuff as I’m starting to confuse myself.

Anyways, S is a nurse at one of the large public hospitals in Sydney and she spent the evening regaling us with tales of sleazy doctors, crazy families, stupid interns, near misses, close calls and all the other stuff that makes up a typical episode of ER…

The stories were fascinating, but the timing wasn’t always so hot — being told of a patient who has had their oesaphagus removed while I was midway through a diced up chicken kebab had me politely pushing my plate to the side — but I also learned a lot.

By the end of the stories I’d pretty much convinced myself that anything more than a paper-cut woud have me exporting myself to Phnom Penh for treatment, and I asked her, would she be comfortable being treated in her hospital for a serious injury or issue?

“Of course I’d be comfortable” she replied…

“As long as it was before January 15 when the interns start”

Meet baby Rhys

We were whisked through Kingsford Smith immigration and customs pretty quickly — probably in part because I forgot to declare the tube of “Fat of Pythons” (no joke) that I’d picked up in the Mekong Delta — thank god they didn’t open the bags…

First stop was at B&G’s place – S’s parents — where, in all selfishness we went straight to sleep! This pregnancy stuff is hard work — even for Daddy!

After dragging ourselves out of bed, we headed around to E&K’s house for lunch and our first glimpse of baby R, little brother to super-smart M (who I’ve seemed to manage to teach to say “Oh My God!” quite well)

R is a beautie of a little bub — S spent a lot of time feeding him a bottle and at the end of the session we got to burp him — he’s a great burper — not unlike Barney in the Simpsons — even his lips quiver in the same way.

After the feeding and burping session we continued on to my folks place where we finally threw the feet up — standing out on the back balcony in the brisk (ie., bloody freezing) evening air, Saigon and Jakarta seem so so very far away.

The Lost Weekend – Part 2

All my predictions of yesterday proved to be correct. We’ve got but a couple of episodes to go and I know they’ll leave me hanging on edge yet again.

What is it with this mordid fascination for watching plane-crash survivors slowly kill each other on a tropical, paradisical island? Hardly uplifting material.

On another topic, I had three baby dreams last night — and in all of them the baby was a boy — fancy that!

The Lost Weekend – Part 1

I blame AXN and their tendancy to repeat house-ads ad nauseum for what happened to us this weekend.

We finally got sucked into the Lost vortex sometime last week and watched most of series one through the week. The last couple of disks were patchy so we went and bought another set, plus series two (an entire series costs about $7 here).

Buying series two was a tragic error as it left us pretty much doomed to watching the entire series back to back.

No baby-talk, no work, no doing all the things we planned to do on the weekend — just tv, tv and more tv.

On Boroburdur

As promised, below are a few happy snaps from Java’s Boroburdur. It was our first time there, and earthquakes, a bubbling volcano, terror attacks, both tsunamis (there was a second one last night — thankfully not as destructive, but still over 100 dead) have really taken a toll on Indonesia’s tourist industry — Yogyakarta (the closest main town to Boroburdur) had very few foreign faces and the actual site was almost deserted.

S may be vague but I’m losing my mind

Going to bed tonight S and I had a bit of a heated discussion when she wished me a happy birthday for tomorrow and asked me how I felt to be almost 36.

I feigned disbelief, then became quite offended and pointed out that I was pretty horrified that my long-time playmate didn’t even know how old I was…

It wasn’t till about five minutes later I realised she was right — I’m turning 36 tomorrow, not 37.

onebabyblog censored!

Yes! it’s happened!

S just five minutes ago drew a line in the sand and censored me… or rather this blog!

At least it means I can write a short post 😉