Who needs tea when there’s ice cream?

I reckon that there was something to me drinking all that raspberry leaf tea during my pregnancy that helped Lyla May’s arrival come a little quicker, though in theory it’s just supposed to make the active part of your labour shorter.

So, being a tea believer, I also picked up some breastfeeding tea when I was back in Australia which I opened about a week ago. A heady blend of nettle, aniseed, caraway and fennel, it smells great. But whose bright idea was it to sell as a blend you are supposed to simmer for a minute and then steep for five before straining to drink? So far I’ve tried making it three times and each time been distracted with baby so it ends up boiling almost dry. Made by a man?!

Even without the tea, Lyla seems to be thriving though she sleeps for so long I’m having trouble giving her eight feeds a day. To wake or not to wake a sleeping baby? Could you wake someone this cute?



That’s Mum’s cookies and cream ice cream bowl on the table… Thanks Dad!


Will Lyla May ever fit into her 000 singlets?


Ah who cares, she looks cute in them anyway.


Dreaming about boobs… wake up Lyla, they’re right here and bursting!

More pix

It’s Mum’s turn to write the blog for a while… So given I now have the attention span of a puppy, I’ll let the latest pictures do the talking.


Lyla only looks like this for a few hours each day… Unless she is with Nanna Gay, in which case she remains blissfully peaceful, creating an illusion of endless tranquility that ends the moment she is back with Mum and Dad. Check out Dad’s artistic swaddling technique — a little scarf flares from the swaddle, making Lyla the envy of all the babies in the fashionable Thong Lor neighbourhood. Well, it would if we actually went anywhere with her but she’s too perfect to take into the noisy, scummy outside world just yet.


Ok, so she does sleep in her little bed quite a bit… These adorable bath-proof finger puppets are a gift from S and J. Popped into the bed just for the photo shoot.


Here’s Lyla with Nannie Gay, who is enjoying being with her two favourite items in the entire universe: Lyla and chocolate.


Here’s Dad with Lyla and that scarf again. Darn if he’s not going to start a craze.


It’s bath time! Daddy has been giving Lyla her bath every morning and she now loves it.


Playtime on Daddy’s chest — those hairs were made for pulling.


A peaceful moment…

Lyla and daddy

A not-so-peaceful moment.


A family shot on the balcony.


And on the lounge.