Adieu to the Chateau de Bats

So it seems that the bat-cave era is drawing to a close. Word is the block is to be sold in January for a reputed 35-40 million baht (the apartments come for free with the land).

While there’s no denying the place is on its last legs, I’m sad to see the back of it. We’ve lived in and rented it since ’98, and M and J were in it for at least 7 years before that — in that time the rent never changed, we never met the landlord and not one iota of maintenance was undertaken — goes to show if you don’t look after something at all it will last for at least 15 years…

We’ve still got a bunch of stuff in there we need to get rid of — sell, ship, giveaway – everything must go!

I will take the baby over to take a look though…

2 Replies to “Adieu to the Chateau de Bats”

  1. Even I feel slightly nostalgic about this watershed in your lives – maybe you won’t really miss some features of the Batcave … the barking dogs, the incredible, unrelenting heat, the BATHROOM, the stairs …. but you’ll definitely have a special place in your hearts for all the fun you had and shared there.

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