Birthday burn-out, will a baby do?

So it was S’s birthday today and my intention of replacing her Treo was dashed by miss-communication between me and the Palm store…

“Oh – when I said we’d have the new model after Lebaran (Ramadan), I didn’t mean straight after — I meant a month or so…”

so in lieu of a palm I thought I’d give her a baby — not much of a surprise though!

2 Replies to “Birthday burn-out, will a baby do?”

  1. Happy birthday. I hope you enjoyed your last as a childless woman. They are never the same again, they get fun when the kids tear open the present and Stu will begin writing on cards, To the dearest Mummy in the world, love from Baby. Hey you get two presents from Stu now! One from Stu proper and one from Baby!

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