Going out with Gecko

This evening caught up with old friends M and L from Gecko Travel. M and my paths cross regularly, as M is based in Chiang Mai and travels frequently, but L, stuck over in Old Blighty, I get to see far less of.

We planned on going out to dinner, but never got farther than the closest bar to their guesthouse, where we caught up on gossip and drank too much pastis.

M has a little girl and L an older boy and they both asked almost straight away after S and her growing belly. While I lamented being away from S and battling illness in Saigon, M lambasted me – enjoy your time away while you can — you won’t be getting any more of that once the baby comes around.

Certainly seems like a common refrain this “no more travel when baby comes” line.

Mark’s little girl is a smart cookie — speaking Thai as good as her English and mastering the TV-remote in no time…

“No Daddy, we’re not watching the football again”

Now all he does is to get her onto the dishes.

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