Googling what S should be doing

By seven pm tonight I found myself Googling “working long hours when pregnant” as I got more and more wound up that S was working longer hours than I think she should be.

Eventually I found something that pretty much sums up how I feel (the great thing about Google is if you look long enough, you’ll always find something that supports your position, no matter how insane it may be…).

“I definitely hear your frustration and angst! I am a network admin and I am supposedly “on call” 24-7. I know that there is not anyone else here who can do my job but after miscarrying my first, I finally told myself that if I were to die tomorrow–or give birth and not be at work–the company will still be here, and they will still go on. They will care if you are gone for a day or two, but if something happens and you cannot come to work, they won’t waste any time in replacing you. So take care of yourself. You and your baby are the most important things right now. You must take care of yourselves, because your employer will not.” source

S’s employer is an international wire agency. Within the industry, it has a pretty good reputation for staff conditions — that isn’t to mean they’re overly insightful, because they’re not — rather they’re not as appalling as the rest of them — and I’d say the above comment would go pretty close to knocking the nail on the head in regard to how they’d react.

S has just walked in and is both apologetic and defensive — arguing it is just what is required, what is normal and that I’m being overly protective.

S says she is going to try to work less — let’s wait and see what that translates into… It’s been a long day for me too (luckily I’m not pregnant) and it’s probably a better idea to continue this discussion another time — when neither of us are tired and grumpy.

You must take care of yourselves, because your employer will not — absolutely 100% correct.

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