“I’m so excited I can’t sleep”

So said S 5 minutes ago as she tried to cram in a nap before dinner.

This post today was supposed to be about something else completely, but it has been such an exciting afternoon that this morning’s events have been pushed back to tomorrow’s entry — you’ll have to wait till then to read about the insights our cat has into S’s pregnancy — no I’m not joking.

This afternoon we saw our baby.

She is 4.2mm long.

While she didn’t wave and say “Hi there” we did get to hear her heart beat.

I have to say, that without doubt, nothing in my entire life has been as exciting as hearing that beating heart.

It had been a grinding day, with an ailing psychic cat (you’ll have to read about that tomorrow), S’s first day at the office after finding out she was pregnant, and me trying to juggle too many tasks at once, that the idea of going to a medical clinic at 4pm (thereby guaranteeing half a lifetime in Jakarta traffic) appealed about as much as something that doesn’t really appeal at all.

Nevertheless, I wanted to be there for S, but also for myself, for us I guess, to find out where we wander next on this long and somewhat bewildering road to parenthood.

So after getting lost, then dropped off at the wrong #32…

“Hey Mister, this is the wrong #32 — you want the other #32. It is 200m metres down there on the other side of the road.” — Hell, what was I thinking!

We staggered into the Jakarta Women & Children Clinic (men not welcome) for our 16:10 appointment — let’s just say S was again on the verge of her first pregnancy tantrum, but caught herself before flying over the edge. (S reads this blog now, so I’m honing my diplomacy here.)

After sitting in the foyer for a good 30 minutes after 16:10, (I was going to moan more here, but won’t) S gets led into the Doc’s quarters, only to dash back out and drag me in.

“He’s going to show it to us”
she says.

Next thing I know, I’m staring at a widescreen display while the doctor does his thing.

If you’ve never seen an ultrasound, it is something like a dream sequence out of a B grade horror movie. For starters, everything is in black and white, is quite blurry and the images fade in and out and move around haphazardly — a bit like when you’ve had 15 drinks too many and the pool table won’t stay still.

What suddenly becomes very clear is a dark oval, and towards the top right is our baby.

Our baby

The doctor zooms in.

We can see it beating (I assume the whole embryo is beating at this stage as it is so small).

I suck in my breath and without doubt, this is the moment when it hits me.

We’re having a baby.

The rest of the time at the clinic is a blur, even the IDR4,000,000 bill (US$400 approx) slides past without raising a hair.

We’re having a baby.

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  1. Congratulations, I just saw her first picture – she’s beautiful! See, I can get into this ‘she’ thing too…

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