Weekday sickness

Saturday comes around and the nausea and sickness disappears. Admittedly S manages to sleep for a good half of the day, but in those few hours where she surfaces the nausea is largely gone. Perhaps in the case of S morning sickness is more like a weekday sickness — a common illness that effects at least half the world’s working population.

When awake, S divides her time between the lounge (in testament to the current jello-like state of her mind S watched Lost tonight — and even appeared to understand the plot), and her laptop, where she burrows through thousands of webpages devoted to, you guessed it, The Art of Pregnancy.

This internet burrowing can turn up some gems, like this site which tells you week by week just what the baby is — our “ball of dividing cells has transformed into an embryo” hoo haa!

But internet burrowing can also be extremely dangerous. Just on the way to bed, S just recounted:

“I was looking for some other good food to cook…” S began.(note how she politely skips the phrases “for you” and “for me” as in “for you to cook for me”. Anyway I digress)

“…and I found a good page on lentils. I thought yummo and started to read it then I realised it included lamb and was actually in a tagine. I had to close the page or I would have been sick”.

Wow — that was a close one.

We keep coming back to food. While I find myself often sitting there staring at her with a silly smile on my face, S’s mind is totally obsessed by food. Today we had (amongst others):

“I think I’m eating too much.”

“I don’t think I’m eating enough.”

“I think I should just eat healthy food”

“I want mashed potato for dinner”

S is also becoming more bolshie when it comes to the food issue. When I baulked at putting canned corn (how can that be healthy!) into a big fresh salad I’d made for lunch, we came the closest so far to our first pregnancy tantrum. As a child I once saw a can of corn thrown through a front door at high velocity (I won’t go into the details) and am well aware of its destructive powers.

I relented and added the corn.

We also had some friends drop by for a swim and in no time at all we spilled the beans, proving once and for all that we’re absolutely crap at keeping our mouths shut till the magic three month moment.

She ate crackers with crunchy peanut butter and celery again today and told me I smell at least a half dozen times.

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